Are you a bleeding heart?

Before I start, a quick reminder to get your entries in to win a free Brain Box kids game from the fantastic fair trade small business Little Minds Learning. They’ve got some beautiful stuff as well, so give them a browse.

So. Is everyone excited by the election result?

Yeah, me too!

I’m still a bit spanked from spending all Saturday at the booths handing out political propaganda for a minor party that shall remain unnamed (like you can’t all guess which one it would be anyway), so this post is going to be a bit rough.

(… okay, if I’m really going to be honest with you, my sorry state probably has more to do with the Saturday night I spent celebrating with my fellow election tragics, and the fact that I chose to spend last night obsessive-compulsively reloading the ABC’s election infographic and reading up on our new king/queen-makers instead of sleeping like I should have….)

But I did want to mention a fair trade/ethical business for any Brisvegians reading this. The afore-mentioned post-election bash was held at a cafe called Bleeding Heart Cafe.

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The most common way I hear the phrase “bleeding heart” used is as a prefix to the label “liberal” (the small-l kind, not Tony Big Ears kind), which is kind of confusing, because the most famous bleeding heart I know was a conservative one (or so another minor party, which I wasn’t handing out propaganda for, tells me).

Never discuss religion or politics

Oi! Thou shalt not discuss religion nor politics!

But in true Bleeding Heart style, the Bleeding Heart Cafe has “reclaimed” this term for their fair trade cafe, art space, node of social enterprise and ethical goods retail outlet. I have it on very good authority (if a drunken politics geek I was randomly chatting to can be considered a good authority) that their coffee is top-notch. I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the heritage building they’re in and the comfyness of their couches. So, if you’re ever in the city, give them whirl.

Did I mention fair trade coffee? Your bleeding heart (or thumping head) will thank you.

Disclosure: Little Minds Learning have repaid me for this by linking to my business site (though they’re doing that because I blogged about them a little while ago, and I didn’t ask for the link, they volunteered it (not that I said “no”)).

I’m not receiving anything for the other endorsements I just made, beyond the warm fuzzies I get for spreading the love (eternal salvation not-withstanding).

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9 Responses to Are you a bleeding heart?

  1. Tam says:

    There was much spamming of the refresh button here. Turns out I could have slept and still not missed the announcement. I feel a bit gypped. Though I am extremely intrigued to see how it turns out.

    Fairtrade coffee.. So there. Kid friendly? I always have one running circles and the other asleep in an ergo, so it’s kind of a must. Though I do dream of brief adult periods…

    • Nadiah says:

      Ah, that’s a good question. They don’t have a kid’s corner or toys to play with (that I saw, though if they had them, they probably wouldn’t have brought them out for a political party party anyway), however they do have a really laid-back atmosphere, so you could definitely get away with general loudness. It’s not the kind of stuffy, grown-ups only kind of atmosphere some places have anyway. I have a 2 year old and I would feel comfortable bringing him there, so it might be worth a shot.

      • Nadiah says:

        Which makes me wonder – you’re a fellow denizen of Brisbane, right? – do you know of any good Brisbane cafes that are kid-friendly, with a kid-corner and all? I’m on the southside.

        • Jane says:

          Not sure I should stick my bib in here, but here it is. I heard kid-friendly cafe, and couldn’t help myself. If you want West End, try Veneziano Cafe, 369 Montegue Rd West End. They do a fab coffee and snack, AND have a kids corner. Lots of space in there too, so munchkins can have a wonder around without annoying the coffee snobs. You can even learn how to become a barista while you’re there if that takes your fancy. I checked out their website, and didn’t see any mention of fair trade, so I can’t comment on their stance on that.
          As for the politics, I’d love to rant, but I’ve probably used up my comment space. Suffice to say the major parties have only themselves to blame. If you run gormless campaigns, no-one wins.

          • Nadiah says:

            Argh, how could I forget, you’ve got the Eating Out in Brisbane with Kids Blog, so you’d know!

            Please, rant away :-)

  2. Maxabella says:

    I’m genuinely left stunned by the debacle of politics we have found ourselves in the middle of. In the words of a modern genius: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got (thank you Dr Phil).

    Thanks for the brilliant comment you left on my blog this morning, Nadiah. So insightful. I am gathering information as I write (usual multi-tasking bollocks going on, gotta stop doing that!). It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  3. Alanah says:

    Argh, still now answer for who is running this country, it is starting to drive me a bit mad. Thanks for the heads up on bleeding heart cafe, it is always nice to hear of different cafes to try.

  4. Wendy Thiele says:

    This place pretends to be about people but they way the owners treat their staff is foul. They are overworked and taken advantage of. Sit there for a couple of days and go to a busy event and you’ll see. Money grubbing. Terrible two day old food, burnt coffee. Yuck. They’re exactly the opposite of what they say.

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