Finding Fair Trade in Australia

Whenever I send out an order, I include a little list of places to go online to find Fairtrade (FLO) products and Fair Trade businesses. Online still is the best place to go for Fair Trade, and I figure that if someone is buying my Fair Trade kidswear, they’ll be interested in supporting other Fair Trade businesses as well. It’s one way to give back to the movement.

Here are my recommendations for finding Fair Trade online in Australia:

  • Fair Trade Directory Australia: This is a pretty useful directory offering free listing to any Fair Trade or sweatshop free business, so you will get the full range of what’s available, not just who can pay for advertising. You can refine by categories children and baby, clothing, food and beverage, general, and gifts.
  • Ecodirectory for Fair Trade Products: Not as large as Fair Trade Directory Australia, but it does seem to be more focussed on the Fair Trade and less on the other kinds of ethical and sweatshop free. Listing here is also free for businesses. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to refine by subcategories (e.g. Fair Trade coffee), but then again, the listing descriptions are kept brutally short and to-the-point which makes it easier for users who want to use a text-search (i.e. hit Ctrl-F).
  • FTAANZ Fair Trade Shopping Guide (.pdf): More a catalogue of advertisements than a search directory, this is produced by FTAANZ so you know the
    businesses are legit. It’s worth downloading and skimming through at least once so you can get a sense of what’s available out there.
  • Fairtrade Certified Procurement Guide (pdf): A list of Australian businesses supplying Fairtrade Certified coffee, tea, food and beverage, sportsballs, cotton, and other. The guide is very detailed, for example splitting coffee into roast and ground, instant, and decaf, and includes a section with contact details for each business listed. I’ve put a copy of the main table here.

Some other mentions:

  • Shop Ethical iPhone App lets you know when a company is Fairtrade (thanks Tam!)
  • Fairly Local: An online directory for finding physical stores (no online) offering Fairtrade products. Anyone can submit a shop stocking a Fairtrade product, so this is an interesting exercise in crowd-sourcing the job of finding Fairtrade in our local shops.
  • FTAANZ Fairtrade products database: This is produced by FTAANZ so you know businesses listed here are the real deal. Unfortunately the locator is almost perpetually out-of-service, and indeed a visit at time of posting finds it broken again.

Know of a Fair Trade search directory or resource online for finding Fairtrade Certified and Fair Trade that I’ve missed? Please let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to Finding Fair Trade in Australia

  1. Tam says:

    I find the iPhone app ‘Shop Ethical’ helpful. It’s not really limited to fairtrade, but it does say if a company is fair trade.
    It also shows which company owns which and reasons why they’re unethical..
    I know it’s not 100% relevant, but thought I’d point it out incase?

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for this……VERY useful.

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